Can I stream with Shadow Router?
Yes, you can. We use socks5 proxy which will allow you to do just about anything with Shadow Router.

Can I select what country my ip is from?
Only in the android app for the time being, we are still working with the extension and possibly a full application for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Will this work in every country?
I don't see why not, even with censorship all countrys and networks should support work with Shadow Router. Unless they have blocked us in some way...

If Shadow Router is always a different ip, then why do websites always show the same ip?
This is due too cache, or session id from the website. Trust us your ip is always changing, however the first ip shown too the website is what it will as long as your session or cache is alive.

Some websites don't load fully, or don't load at all.
We are working on this issue currently. It should be fixed in the next few weeks. In the meantime just try reloading the site.

Sometimes Shadow Router just doesn't load anything.
This may be due too the Master Node you are using going down temporarily. Try turning off Shadow Router and turning it back on. This will be fixed in a few weeks.